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Advance ticket sales has Wolverine outselling Iron Man.

By Casey LaMarca

The online leak of a full-version of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" last month may have made turned some heads, but early signs show an indication of a box-office smash. The highly anticipated X-Men spinoff is out-selling last year's monster hit "Iron Man" in advance ticket sales. "Iron Man" was released the same day last year as "Wolverine" will, with an almost $100 million opening.

Online ticketer MovieTickets has reported figures that "Wolverine" is not only out-selling "Iron Man" in advance ticket sales, but rather dominating by an estimated 3-to-1 margin. It was also stated that "Wolverine" is tracking strongly among key demographics, including those who have already downloaded the illegal copy online.

The newest X-Men franchise marks a return for Hugh Jackman to the iconic comic-book character that made him an A-list movie star. "Wolverine" is set to kick off the action-packed 2009 summer movie season this Friday, May 1st.


Posted by Casey LaMarca on April 28, 2009 10:35 AM
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