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2012's box-office looms on the horizon

2012 is the latest disaster flick from Roland Emmerich. His track record in the past gives him major points that his newest film will surely be a box-office hit. It's tracking close to $60 million for its opening weekend total.

Yet many questions are still up in the air as to where this film is heading financially. With a reported $265 million budget, it's going to need serious staying power and international success in order to turn in a profit. And with Twilight: New Moon opening just one week later, it may have a hard time holding on in its second weekend. This is a film that was supposed to come out in June, but Sony pushed it back to November because they saw a better chance at a profit. The gamble is still up in the air.

Emmerich discusses his trademark for destruction. "When (producer) Dean Devlin and I made 'Independence Day,' it had a lot of destruction in there and it became very successful. It became a signature for me. And I realized that people get very excited when things blow up. When we blew up the White House, people applauded! Because of 'Independence Day,' I get money to make these kinds of movies."

Emmerich got money to make 2012, now he and the rest of us must wait to see if it was even worth the effort.

Source: Reuters
Posted by Casey LaMarca

Posted by Casey LaMarca on November 10, 2009 12:21 PM
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