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Harry Potter Outselling Transformers in Advance Ticket Sales

When it comes to the #1 film of 2009, lets not be quick to choose the winner.


According to, the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price (the sixth installment in the franchise) is outselling Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in advance ticket sales. Transformers opened to a whopping $200 million in its first five days.

�The Half-Blood Prince is turning out to be one of our fastest-selling titles of the year,� said Fandango COO Rick Butler.

Harry Potter has made up approximately 65% of Fandango's daily sales, which could determine who will take the crown as the highest grossing film of 2009 so far. Transformers passed the $300 million mark this week, becoming the second fastest film to reach that mark, only behind last year's The Dark Knight, which took in $533 million domestically in its theatrical run.

While beating Transformers in its opening weekend is a long shot, Harry Potter may fare better in the long run than Transformers, which depended mostly on its opening weekend to gain a profit. With Harry Potter being the last "big blockbuster" release of the summer, expect a tight race to see who will take the domestic box-office crown.

Source: The Scorecard Review

-Posted by Casey LaMarca