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Inception Teaser Trailer is Here!

Christopher Nolan�s Inception, his follow up to that little film you might have seen last year called The Dark Knight (yes, that was only a year ago) has received its first trailer. All signs are pointing to another visual spectacle from one of the hottest directors in Hollywood.

Starring Leonardo Dicaprio, the plot of Inception has been kept a complete secret from all, and don�t think the trailer will give you any answers. Remember, this is just a teaser. A teaser is supposed to spark you interest before giving away any sort of details. All we know about Inception for now is one thing, �Your mind is the scene of the crime.� I have no clue what that means, but that has to be one of the catchiest lines from a teaser trailer I�ve ever heard. Rather than trying to explain it to you, have a look for yourself.

To see the trailer for Inception, CLICK HERE! (Source: Yahoo! Movies)

-Posted by Casey LaMarca