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Quentin Tarantino Praises Brad Pitt, The Method Actor

Brad Pitt seems to be on top of the world, as both a celebrity and an actor. His latest effort in Inglorious Basterds has its writer and director Quentin Tarantino praising him for his commitment to his character, both during and between takes on the set of the film.

"For the most part when we were on set he would stay in character," says Tarantino. "It was like, 'Why drop the accent when you don't have to?' And I have always liked it when actors do that."

Pitt plays Lieutenant Aldo Raine, a Nazi hunter during WWII who originates from Tennessee with a very thick Southern Accent. Tarantino said that he appreciated Pitt staying in character because it allowed him to interact with him as if Aldo Raine was a real person.

"He'd get into Aldo's mindset and stay there. He could be Brad and make a Brad joke but it was always in Aldo's dialect. Aldo is more crude than Brad. So that allowed Brad to go all the way with that. It was wonderful as a writer to be confronted by my character all day, and to talk to him and ask questions."

Inglorious Basterds comes out on August 21st with huge expectations and advance buzz for a possible Best Picture nomination. And Tarantino has stated that this may not be the last time him and Pitt unite for a feature.

"Brad deserves more respect and I think he is getting it," says Tarantino. "He has become arguably the biggest male movie star in the world. It seems like his time. It is the best time to work with him. I would work with Brad again in a heartbeat."

-Source: WENN
-Posted by Casey LaMarca