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Alien vs Predator News

Review: Alien vs. Predator

Director Paul W.S. Anderson successfully tarnishes two classic franchises. Nice work, Paul. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf. Grade: D | Read Review...
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Alien vs. Predator vs. New Trailer

It's an idea born from the sci-fi ramblings of fanboys: If an Alien and a Predator engaged in a full-on grudge match, which species would win? This decades-long debate will come to a head this summer when "Alien vs. Predator"...
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Alien vs. Predator Lures Resident Evil Helmer

Variety reports that Paul Anderson ("Resident Evil") has been hired by Fox to write and direct the long-in-development--wait, check that--the forever-in-development "Alien vs. Predator" project. The story -- a mere formality for this glorified first-person-shooter of a movie -- focuses...
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Aliens v. Predators? Not Bloody Likely

The guys at IGN Movies have launched a preemptive strike against the reinvigorated Alien versus Predator rumors. For years the thought of Aliens and Predators battling on-screen has brought puddles of saliva into the mouths of sci-fi fans, but now...
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