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Fat Albert News

Review: Fat Albert

"Fat Albert" won't win any awards, but this TV adaptation is still a pleasant comedic diversion. Movie review by Brian Orndorf. Grade: B- | Read Review...
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Fat Albert Makes His Poster Debut

ComingSoon.Net has posted the first teaser poster for the upcoming "Fat Albert" movie. The poster isn't much to crow about, unless you're enchanted by former child actor Kenan Thompson wearing a fat suit and a big red sweater. Nonetheless, the...
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Director/Writer Conflict Puts Fat Albert in Production Coma

Preproduction on the live-action "Fat Albert" film ground to a halt on Thursday because of "a conflict of visions" between screenwriter Bill Cosby and director Forest Whitaker, says The Hollywood Reporter. Fox spokesman Jeffrey Godsick called it an "amicable departure,"...
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Bloated Cinema: Fat Albert, The Movie

Naaa-naaa-naaa, gonna have a good time With his most recent sitcom cancelled and his standup career stalled, Bill Cosby has had plenty of time to stew on other projects. The end result of all this stewing is a script for...
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