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King Kong News

Sneaky King Kong Poster Surfaces

Peter Jackson's "King Kong" is more than a year from release (December 2005), but in this world of irrational fanboy exuberance it's never too early to rile up the audience with a little tease. And that's exactly why CHUD is...
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Andy Serkis: The Man Who Would be Kong

Andy Serkis has a new precious. The actor who brought Gollum to life in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy will be the motion-capture reference point for King Kong in director Peter Jackson's upcoming remake, says The Hollywood Reporter. This...
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Adrien Brody Mulls King Kong

The monkey news is fast and furious these days. Variety reports that Adrien Brody -- sorry, Oscar winner Adrien Brody -- is negotiating to join "King Kong." If he comes on board, Brody would play Jack Driscoll, love interest of...
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Tenacious Kong: Jack Black Joins King Kong Remake

Winning 11 Oscars is impressive, but casting Jack Black in a "King Kong" remake is downright genius. That's right, Jack Black is going to be in Peter Jackson's "Kong" film. The Hollywood Reporter says Black will take on the role...
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Peter Jackson: Lord of the Ape

Director Peter Jackson, the man who turned "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy into a movie empire, will receive an A-list payday to direct a remake of "King Kong." Variety says Jackson will take home $20 million to bring "Kong"...
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