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The Island News

Review: The Island

Armed with strong actors and a good sci-fi story, Michael Bay has a shot at artistic expansion. But he prefers to blow stuff up. Movie review by Brian Orndorf. (Grade: D)
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The Island Official Site Opens

The intricate official site for "The Island" features all the usual trappings -- trailers, bios, etc. -- as well as some in-depth side projects related to the film.
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Plot and Picture Arrive from The Island

The plot of Michael Bay's upcoming sci-fi flick "The Island" has been murky, but new details are bringing it into focus. According to a write-up at Yahoo Movies, the film follows a man named Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) who lives...
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Sean Bean Plans to Behave Badly on The Island

The Hollywood Reporter says Sean Bean ("The Lord of the Rings," "Patriot Games") has joined director Michael Bay's "The Island." According to the Reporter, Bean will be the film's "chief antagonist" (i.e. Bad Guy). He'll star opposite Ewan McGregor and...
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Scarlett Johansson Finds Work on The Island

Scarlett Johansson is in negotiations to join Ewan McGregor in the upcoming sci-fi film "The Island," says The Hollywood Reporter. The story follows a "harvested being" (probably McGregor) who seeks to escape the utopian facility where he's being held. The...
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Ewan McGregor Books Trip to The Island

The Hollywood Reporter says Ewan McGregor is negotiating to join director Michael Bay's sci-fi flick "The Island." Plot details are sketchy, but reports say the film has something to do with a "harvested being" (uh, what?) who tries to escape...
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