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Review: Troy
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Brad Pitt is miscast as the speech-making Achilles, but director Wolfgang Petersen uses structure and grandeur to overcome Pitt's problems. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf. Grade: B+ | Read review...
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Troy Gets So-So Marks in Early Review

The London Daily Telegraph has let the cat -- well, horse -- out of the bag with an early review of "Troy" (free registration required). The film gets sorta-positive marks from reviewer John Hiscock, but he's clearly not blown away...
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New Troy Downloads Arrive Online

Coming Soon points the way to two new "Troy" downloads. First up is a long trailer that expands upon the epic scope hinted at in the "Troy" teaser trailer. If features lots of swooping scenes over crowds, ships and battle-ready...
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Quick Dreams: Unknown Lands Troy Role

Garrett Hedlund's existence is being cursed by every struggling actor in Hollywood. The Hollywood Reporter says the aspiring thespian traveled to Los Angeles last month with dreams of stardom and landed a co-starring role in the big-budget epic "Troy" during...
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War be Damned: Troy Carries on

Denying reports of impending doom, director Wolfgang Petersen tells Variety that the threat of war won't set "Troy" off course. The big-budget epic, scheduled to begin production on April 22, will film in the UK, Malta and Morocco. If war...
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The Hulk Enlists for Trojan War

Eric Bana will cross swords with Brad Pitt in "Troy," says The Hollywood Reporter. Bana, star of next summer's blockbuster-in-waiting "The Hulk," will play Hector, the Trojan prince who holds off the invading Greek army led by Achilles (Pitt). What...
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Brad Pitt Cuts Off Fountain's Water Supply

Variety says Brad Pitt has dropped out of director Darren Aronofsky's troubled sci-fi film "The Fountain." Pitt's concerns about the complexity of "Fountain's" story and his increased interest in Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy" prompted the star to leave -- or so...
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Doh! Batman vs. Superman Shelved for Iliad Pic

A blind poet from ancient Greece is Batman and Superman's newest enemy. The Hollywood Reporter says Wolfgang Petersen has put "Batman vs. Superman" on the back burner so he can direct "Troy," an adventure epic based on Homer's "Iliad." The...
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