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Great Sports: March Madness Games

March Madness College basketball and professional hockey share one notable trait: Both become infinitely more interesting during the playoffs.

Just as I don't give a damn about the NHL until the second season begins, NCAA basketball generally leaves me bored until the tourney opens. But oh my, is the Madness ever sweet. Every game -- every ... single ... game -- is an exercise in hoops intensity. Even the most apathetic of basketball fans (that would be me), comes away awestruck by the athleticism and drama.

Don't believe me? Try this: Pick an upcoming game (the Sweet 16 starts on Thursday) and tune in for the final two minutes. You'll witness heroics more often then not. It might be a crucial steal, it might be a three at the buzzer, it might be a clutch free-throw -- it's impossible to predict exactly how it'll play out, but I guarantee something will make you sputter in disbelief.

Posted by Mac Slocum on March 20, 2006 12:01 AM
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