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Great Web Site: Famous Film Locations

20060327-platial.jpg Google Maps and pop culture are wacky bedfellows, but their love child is pretty damn cool. Bestowed with the slightly clunky name Famous Film Locations and Movies About Real Places, this mash-up of Google Map technology and real-world set locations is a time-waster par excellence.

The map is hosted by, which is a hub for user-generated maps detailing all sorts of interesting (and often, intimate) information. Now, I don't really care about the best hook-up spots in Djibouti or Saddam's favorite hiding places, but a map that shows me where "Lost" is filmed definitely piques my interest (if you look closely you can see a whispy smoke monster terrorizing castaways).

Posted by Mac Slocum on March 27, 2006 3:20 PM
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