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Great Web Sites: Amazing Soccer Videos

I can't play soccer to save my life. Oh sure, when I was a chunky 8th grader who wore "husky" jeans, I could drop an oncoming opponent with a swift kick to the shins. But when it came to dribbling, passing and scoring, I had (and have) no chops.

And that's why I sit in amazement at the unbelievable skills of World Cup players. It's as though these guys have an extra set of hands on their feet.

To illustrate, I present below three amazing soccer videos culled from Google Video and YouTube. There are hundreds more like this, so I suggest you dive into the many, many options available at the aforementioned sites. These clips will simply whet your appetite for more soccer goodness.

Video No. 1: A great compendium of soccer moments. Watch out for David Beckham's mid-field moon boot (around 57 seconds in).

Video No. 2: Ronaldhino juggles the ball ... and then intentionally boots it off the goalpost again ... and again ... and again ...

Video No. 3: And finally ... a move that may very well revolutionize soccer (or get people killed). Ladies and gentlemen, Kerlon's "Seal Dribble":

Know about other amazing soccer videos? Post your thoughts and links below. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac Slocum on June 24, 2006 1:37 PM
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