Review: World Trade Center

Two planes. Two buildings. 2,726 dead.

In "World Trade Center" (IMDb listing) director Oliver Stone portrays the true story of two Port Authority police officers who risked their lives to save others on Sept. 11, 2001. Sgt. John McLoughlin, played by Nicolas Cage, and Officer Will Jimeno, played by Michael Pena, hurried to ground zero with their colleagues after news of the disaster. Before they were able to implement their rescue tactics, the second building collapsed on top of them and they became buried under rubble. McLoughlin and Jemino kept one another alive under the ruins for 22 hours until rescue workers reached them.

Stone approached World Trade Center from an optimistic perspective. Instead of focusing on the evil that characterized that day, he emphasized the grace and unity that came thereafter.

Despite the film's beauty, it was nonetheless uncanny to view as a form of entertainment. There is uneasiness watching a movie about a tragedy that occurred only five years ago, especially since the day's repercussions are still pulsating.

Nevertheless, Stone crafted the film in an extremely cautious manner. He was careful not to over dramatize the characters or the emotions they experienced.

Love is what inspired these men to resist death while they were buried underneath the earth, and love is what ultimately saved them.

"World Trade Center" is beautiful film about hope and survival that illustrates the humanity that perseveres in even the darkest hours.

Filmfodder Grade: B+