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"Jurassic Park IV" Set for 2008 Release

Jurassic Park According to Moviehole, "Indiana Jones" isn't the only Steven Spielberg franchise about to cough up another chapter. The dinosaur tale "Jurassic Park" is also slated for a fourth go-round.

Long-time Spielberg collaborator and producer Frank Marshall says they've finally got a script they like for the film, which will again spin a Man vs. Prehistoric Lizard yarn, and it should be before the cameras next year sometime.

"It has a good script now, so we should have that one up and running next year for release in 2008," Marshall confirmed.

It's often been rumored that the character of Lexie - the granddaughter of the Jurassic Park founder and scientist played by Sir Richard Attenborough in the first film - will be a major character in the new film. Apparently, a few years ago Spielberg asked Keira Knightley whether she would be interested in playing the role. No word if Knightley is keen on the project or if she is still atop of Spielberg's wish list.

There's also no word if they'll bring back our favorite dinosaur expert Dr. Alan Grant played by Sam Neill. I think it'd be a hard sell to get his character anywhere near "live" dinosaurs again. They could bring back the boy (played by Trevor Morgan) from last film and match him up with Lexie. They'd fall madly in love while trying desperately to prevent some greedy third party from exploiting the dinosaurs and endangering all of mankind. Genius! Or something. --Shannon Nolley