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David Cross Gets His "Freak" On

David CrossAccording to Variety, Comedy Central has greenlit "Freak Show," ordering seven episodes of the new animated series centered on a band of freak show performers who moonlight as second-rate superheroes.

The series will premiere late this year or in early 2007. Cross and H. Jon Benjamin ("Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist") will executive produce the series.

"Freak Show" chronicles the misadventures of the Freak Squad -- circus act by day, government-employed do-gooders by night. They battle castoffs of the World-Famous Justice Squad, otherwise known as the most notorious second-rate villains.

"I just want to thank God for giving me this chance to shine and spread his word through 2-D cel animation. I truly believe that this voyage that we are about to embark on will, in the future, make me some money," Cross said.

Cross - who broke us all with his irreverent comedy in "Mr. Show" - is a regular on the troubled, yet well-loved series "Arrested Development." He's also made several cameos on "The Colbert Report" as Stephen Colbert's arch-nemesis.

No matter how the new show does in the ratings, I'm sure it'll produce some very "memorable" moments. Anyone remember "Hippieland" from "Mr. Show"? Classic. --Shannon Nolley