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"Bubba Nosferatu" Gets A Transfusion

Bubba Ho-TepAccording to SciFi Wire, director Don Coscarelli said plans for "Bubba Nosferatu" - a prequel to his hilarious monster-fighting "Bubba Ho-tep" movie - may be back on track after a series of major setbacks, including the sale of the studio that owned the original title (MGM) and the death of co-star Ossie Davis.

But you can't stop the King, darlin.  "Bubba Ho-tep," written and directed by Coscarelli, is a dark comedy about an elderly Elvis, played by Bruce Campbell, and black John F. Kennedy, played by Davis, who must fight an ancient Egyptian mummy terrorizing patients in their nursing home. 

The final frames of the cult hit promised a sequel: "Bubba Nosferatu: The Curse of the She-Vampire," starring Sebastian Haff, the fictional Elvis impersonator who supposedly switched places with the real Elvis and then wouldn't switch back.  The promise was originally intended as a joke.

"I'm putting a big effort into doing 'Bubba Nosferatu' now.  The project has a life of its own," said Coscarelli, who is working on the script in collaboration with writer Joe R. Lansdale, who came up with the original short story. "People seem to want it. We just have to get it finished."   The original short story, written by Lansdale, was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award, while the screenplay for the film won a Bram Stoker Award in 2003.

The prequel will show the King in his 30s as he dabbles in the world of black magic and voodoo. "Bruce can't wait to put his Elvis jumpsuit back on again," Coscarelli said. "We hope to shoot this year."

"Bubba Ho-tep" got great buzz when it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2002, but had a very limited release to theaters in 2003 - two theaters its opening weekend, with its widest release at 25 total theaters.  As with many cult movies, it's biggest success has been with the home video market.

Coscarelli teased that the potential franchise could continue on indefinitely, throwing out a title for the third film - "Bubba Sasquatch."

Elvis and Campbell. Perfect together.  If you haven't seen "Bubba Ho-tep," you should.  It's hilarious - especially if you're an Elvis or Bruce Campbell fan.  The Elvis vs. scarab scene will have you rolling on the floor.  Now I just have to figure out who I lent my copy of the DVD to so I can watch it again.  -- Shannon Nolley