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Marvel to Assemble an 'Avengers' Movie

The Hollywood Reporter has published a story saying that Marvel Comics has plans to make a live-action movie featuring the Avengers. Marvel executives announced that they had plans to create a film around the popular franchise at a presentation to Wall Street analysts at the Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment Conference.

According to the SciFi Wire, Marvel did not specify exactly which of superheroes would be depicted in the Avengers movie. However, we can speculate!

The plan seems to be to make several films on individual heroes and then make a 'team-up' movie origin of 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes', the Avengers. We know that there will be another Incredible Hulk movie, which is supposed to re-imagine his origin. And, the Iron Man movie is casting. There are also plans for an Ant Man movie; however, this is reported to be a comedy. It would have to include the Wasp, though.

So, that gives us Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man and the Wasp. Since the plans to make a Captain America feature are still unconfirmed at this time, Marvel could use the Avengers film to introduce Steve Rogers. The plot would be similar to the Ultimate Avengers Animated DVD Movie, where the good Captain is defrosted after a being entombed in frozen waters. You need Captain America to make an Avengers movie! Including Cap, this would be a strong lineup of heroes for the movie.

However, I would hope they do not leave out some of the more popular Avengers, such as the Scarlett Witch, Vision and Wonder Man. A lineup featuring Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, the Wasp and whatever Hank Pym is at the time (Yellowjacket, Giant Man, Ant Man) is pretty good, but some of the other characters really give the team its power and its unique flavor.

Since Zak Penn (of X-Men II & III fame) is writing both the Incredible Hulk and Avengers movies, it is very possible that he will be able to include the same characters in each movie. This CHUD article suggests that he already plans to include 'guest superheroes' in the Hulk script. I think this bodes well for the possibility of seeing a few superhero new superheroes. At least, I can hope.