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"Doctor Who" Rumors

There have been a slew of casting rumors surrounding "Doctor Who" over the past few months. Although my initial inclination is that both of these rumors lack any substance, I know that stranger things have happened.

The first rumor involves Jason Statham ("Crank", "The Transporter"), who according to this story has been offered the title role of "Doctor Who". Evidently, this rumor assumes that David Tennant will not be returning for a fourth season (rumor for that is here). To quote the article "...It will be Doctor Who meets gangland. He will do a lot more thinking with his fists and will be a sure-fire winner with the ladies." Blimey! There are some reaction to this story on the SCIFI.COM forums, which can be found here. But, it can't be true. No way - he just does not fit the mold (at least in my mind). I'll give it a 1 out of 10 probability rating.

The second rumor involves the fallen pop idol Britney Spears. Yup, it is being reported that producer Russell T. Davies "...likes what he sees, and told a British tabloid that he has a role just for her on "Doctor Who."
The report is that Davies wants Spears to appear as a "raunchy bunch of sex-mad aliens," using special effects to create multiple versions of her.

Now, without any knowledge of Russell T. Davies, I would suspect that he (A) Had a little too much ale and was joking with the reporter, or (B) Really wants to see Britney act 'sex-mad' (not a bad pick for the casting couch...). I think that this rumor has a bit more footing that the Jason Statham rumor for the simply fact that Britney needs to re-ignite her career. A sexy guest star role would be the exact type of move that I would expect, probably prior to the release of a new album. This one gets a 5 out of 10 probability rating.

Ah...rumors. They are lovely to read, even when you know they are likely baseless. At least, I hope these are baseless...

Russell is gay. he isn't intrested in seeinf Britney in any shape or form. but he DOES love to spread daft rumours to see which newspaper will print them as fact.

-- Posted by: RP at January 29, 2007 8:23 PM

Good to know! If he just floated the rumor for fun, I really like his attitude!

-- Posted by: Fred at January 30, 2007 3:52 PM