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"Wonder Woman" Casting Rumors

Who *hasn't* been rumored to be Wonder Woman? In the past year, I have heard Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia on Buffy and Angel and Kendall on Veronica Mars), Morena Barracin ('Inara' on "Firefly"), Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush, Sandra Bullock and Kim Basinger. Now, two possible stars have floated to the surface.

First, SciFi Wire is reporting that Cobie Smulders ('Robin' on "How I Met Your Mother") wouldn't mind auditioning for the role. She has a decent look for the part, but has not been officially asked to try out for the role. I think she has the right attitude, though, saying "I think it's just the curse of having brown hair in this industry and being an actress..."

A more credible rumor involves Jill Wagner, former star of Spike TV's short lived Blade series. FlickDirect is reporting (I heard this via MovieHole) that she has actually met writer Joss Whedon and producer Joel Silver about the role. She is quoted as saying “I met with the guys over at Silver pictures about some things and Wonder Woman was one of them”.

She also has a decent look for the role, although not as good as Sophia Bush or Morena Baccarin (who is still my personal choice - she is the only one that I can picture as a classic Alex Ross Wonder Woman). For my taste, Wagner is a bit wiry (read, thin) for the role. However, she certainly can handle the physical aspect of being "Wonder Woman", as evidenced by her work in "Blade". She is also 5' 8" (Morena is 5' 7", Sophia 5' 6"), which is a bit taller than most of the woman that they have considered so far. But, I am thinking that the prototypical six foot tall Amazon isn't going to happen. In any case, camera techniques made Gandalf and Frodo look proportionally correct, so I am sure that Joss can come up with something to make her look imposing.

So, slide Jill Wagner into the number one contender for Wonder Woman - for now. I still have hope for Morena Baccarin...

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-- Posted by: Swapnil at October 22, 2007 1:33 AM

Why not let them dress up and see who fits the Wonder Woman's suit most?

-- Posted by: Anything at October 23, 2007 5:29 AM

Yeah, works for me. And perhaps throw down in a jello wrestling tournament, to be added as a bonus feature when it goes straight to dvd.
But plenty of other attributes to cover as well.
And people like Knightly and Bullock, would need a whole lot of modifications to look the part.
Plus, they wanted someone "Greekish", and not well known in Hollywood.

-- Posted by: Swapnil at October 25, 2007 3:03 PM