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"Harry-est" Town in America is looking for the town that loves "Harry Potter" the most - and they will crown that town the "Harry-est Town" in America. They are judging this contest by rating the towns based on the number of pre-ordered copies of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” from (on a per capita basis).

The prize? A $5000 gift certificate to a charitable organization that serves the winning town.

Since I just reserved my copy this week (at Target - sorry Amazon!), I think this is fairly cool. Why not stoke the fires a bit? The current leader, according to the official site, is Falls Church, Virginia - so, congrats Falls Church!

It's also interesting to note that Loganville, Georgia is #66 on the list. Loganville, as you may remember, is also famous for Laura Mallory and her campaign to remove the "Harry Potter" books from the local school libraries. Evidently, her campaign is not working out so well!