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Last Two "Drive" Episodes - Pulled

Let's start with a little history :

First, FOX announced that they would televise the final two unaired episodes of "Drive" on July 4th. Sure, no one would be home to actually watch the episodes on that day, but all of the "Drive" fans were going to time-shift the episodes anyway, so it would have worked.

Then, FOX announced that "Drive" would be bumped to July 13th. FOX graciously provided a two day warning of the schedule change (thanks so much). After this incident, I publicly wondered if I should even bother to record the episodes, since FOX obviously didn't care much for us "Drive" fans.

Now, AintItCoolNews is reporting that FOX has pulled the last two episodes from the schedule. No announcement of a replacement time has been announced. I also checked the official show website, which is no longer displaying the July 13th air date.


I think that we have to resign ourselves to the fact that "Drive" will never have those final two episodes air on a FOX channel. In my previous post, I wondered if I should record those final two episodes; now, I think the decision has been made for me.

FOX should worry. A couple of million potential viewers (i.e. former "Drive" fans) are going to be very wary of the fall offerings from the network. I know that I will be much less forgiving of a FOX show than I will of an NBC property. I simply believe that NBC will allow a show to mature, while FOX will not. This means that "New Amsterdam" and "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" better be very good immediately - or I'll be writing this same column again next March.

Yes, I am sure FOX executives are losing sleep over whether "a couple million potential TIVO'ers" are going to be recording their new fall lineup so they can fast forward through the commercials. Wake up. DVR People (including myself) aren't even factored into the ratings for these shows. FOX makes absolutely ZERO dollars off of you or anyone else who records the show and fast forwards through the commercials. It's a shame that they canceled a good show like this, but the reality of it is, you and everyone who TIVO'ed the show (including me) are the reason it got canceled. If you want to complain, complain that FOX hasn't come up with a pay channel like HBO where these shows can afford to continue.

-- Posted by: John at July 10, 2007 12:01 PM

John -

I know where you are coming from...however, I can't agree.

There are two schools of thinking. The first, to which FOX subscribes, is exactly as you describe: TiVo viewers don't count and no money can be made from them. In that model, we have no voice.

The new model says - advertise differently! The times have changed. "Heroes" is a great example of a show that is embracing the new model - product placement, online supplemental content (rife with ads) and alternative programming (Origins) to help engage the viewership.

I support the new model it's simply better. But, it requires more work from the networks. FOX is just lazy...and, I hope they pay for it soon.

-- Posted by: Fred at July 10, 2007 3:41 PM

I would have to amen you on that one Fred. AMEN!!

-- Posted by: Jason at July 11, 2007 7:48 AM