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"Eureka" is back!

Sheriff Jack Carter and the gang from the smartest little town in the world are back for a second season starting tonight on the SCI FI Channel. Luckily, I already have the TiVo geared up!

I really enjoyed the first season. Sure, it was light, but still very entertaining. Each character was geeky and quirky in entirely good ways. In my initial review of the show, I said "...yeah, its good. It might even be very good". As season two begins, I stand by that review. It is not yet excellent...but, it's on the path.

To celebrate this premiere, the the SCI FI's Visions for Tomorrow public-affairs campaign is a holding the Eureka $mart House Energy Efficiency Challenge, sponsored by Edison Electric Institute and the Alliance to Save Energy (as a part of the 6° of Energy Efficiency Challenge campaign).

The challenge asks us to describe why energy efficiency is important to you, your family and the world. Pretty simple, right? The best entry will win a $25,000 home energy makeover.

Thus, even though I think Global Warming is more a religion than a scientific fact, I entered the contest. I am very pragmatic about these things, and a $25K home makeover is a VGT (very good thing). So, here is my official entry:

To be honest, I don't think about energy efficiency very much, unless I happen to be paying the bills at the time. The second floor of the house is hot in the summer, but we tend to turn down the air conditioner (we like it at 68 in the summer) or get a fan.

Comfort rules over efficiency.

So, why does my family deserve to win this prize? We deserve it *because* (not despite) of our attitude. If the energy makeover can make *us* aware of our consumption, it would be a powerful testimonial. The best evangelist is the convert, not the one that believes from the start.

So, if this is a good thing to do, makeover my house and show my family why it is a good thing. If you can do that, you really have something here!

Good luck everyone! Of course, with that entry, the prize is already mine!

Not to mention that they're going to air a teaser for the november BSG movie during tonight's premiere!

-- Posted by: perrin at July 10, 2007 4:48 PM