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Impressions: "Chuck"

The new season has officially started!

The first show that I TiVo'd was NBC's "Chuck". The show centers around Chuck Bartowki, an employee in the 'Nerd Herd' section of the 'Buy More' chain of superstores (yes - Best Buy and Geek Squad will be suing them soon). Chuck gets an email from his old college roommate (played by former "Traveller" lead Matthew Bomer) which embeds all of the government secrets collected by the CIA, FBI and NSA into Chuck's brain. Now, Chuck is effectively the US Government's intelligence processing center.

Let's break it down:

The Good
Zachary Levi (as "Chuck") was very likeable. The episode made me chuckle muliple times ("Pedal safe!") and Morgan is effective comic relief. The pacing was good and there were several characters that can be counted on to have expanded roles, like Chuck's sister Ellie and his rival for the manager job at Buy More. A special commendation must go out to Ryan McPartlin, who plays Ellie's man. He's awesome! (you had to be there...)

The Not-So-Good
It pains me to say it - but, the bad involves Adam Baldwin. It's not him - he's good. It's just his lines are not so good. There were several attempts at the funny from him and they all fell flat with me. The other not-so-good item is not one that I am actually going to complain about much. But, what's up with the underwear shots of Sarah (Yvonne Strzechowski). Sure, she's hot and all...but, I didn't see real plot reason for her 'exposure', other than that obvious hotness thing.

I also think that you do not want to analyze the technology or plot devices too much in this show (much like "Heroes", which follows this show). For example, if Chuck has a snapshot of all of the government intel, won't it expire in a few months? Isn't his usefulness to the government limited to a few years at most - and will get less and less specific? But, that's just nitpicking...

The Verdict
It's a keeper. I give the pilot a solid A-. "Chuck" is enjoyable, light fare and should do well as the "Heroes" lead-in.

While I suppose "Chuck" was amusing, I guess I'm just not interested in him, his unamibitious life, or the nerd herd. And while I don't mind farfetched concepts in entertainment - some of my favorite shows are creatively elastic - I find the notion that the secrets of the entire nation could be downloaded into someone's brain completely preposterous. Therefore, "Chuck" just doesn't do it for me.

-- Posted by: KayDee at September 29, 2007 11:59 AM