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Impressions: "Heroes" Premiere

"Heroes" is back for season two! When we left our good friends, Matt Parkman had four bullets in his chest, the Petrelli brothers were blown up in the atmosphere and Hiro was several hundred years back in time. So, the question is: did the episode address those cliffhangers?

It did, in part. Let's break it down:

The Good
Hiro is still Hiro. It looks like he will continue his journey separately, but I think his may end up being the most interesting storyline of the bunch. The anti-Company, for lack of a better word for the team of Parkman, HRG Bennett/Butler and Mohinder, should be the primary line of the first part of the season and they are all good. Claire is still pretty!

The Not-So-Good
I didn't like the power of Claire's soon to be boyfriend, since it duplicates another 'hero'. Did we run out of superpowers already? And, just as in the first season, you really don't want to analyze the episodes in detail. For example, I really wanted to know how Matt recovered from the four gunshot wounds in the chest, or why Nathan was not dead, or horribly scarred. But, not knowing those things really didn't detract from the pleasure of watching the show. The new "Heroes" motto is - just watch and enjoy!

The Verdict
"Heroes" is still very enjoyable and does cliffhangers like no one else. Nothing I saw in the premiere would deter me from watching any future episode. If you happened to miss the episode, the encore will be shown Saturday night!