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Impressions: "Reaper"

Of all of the pilots this season, I think I was most looking forward to "Reaper". It has the Kevin Smith connection and the nice supernatural touch that I like. So, did it live up to my expectations?

It took my puny expectations and knocked them out of the park.

Much like Vic over at Screen Rant, I have seen three new shows this season and have liked them all. But, I pick "Reaper" as the current best of the bunch. Let's break it down:

The Good
"Reaper" stars a very likable Brett Harrison as "Sam Oliver", who, on his 21st birthday, learns that his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. I was amazed that, even with a premise like that, the show flowed evenly throughout the reveal of the plot and the characters. I could see the hand of Kevin Smith throughout the episode, as the some of the humor was in the Jay and Silent Bob vein ("I would never kill a hooker!"). In fact, "Sock" (the best friend sidekick) is very much a Jay-like character. Overall, the show is funny, smart and engaging.

The Not-So-Good
It's hard to find something. I think the dialogue between "Sock" and his ex-girlfriend may get old as the season progresses - but, really, that is a pretty weak criticism.

The Verdict
It's excellent. Everything about "Reaper" worked for me. However, I read that it only drew 3.22 million viewers, which isn't that great, even for the CW. So, watch the show!