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Dean Cain on "Smallville"

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" was one of my favorite shows back in the '90s. Dean Cain was very solid as Clark/Superman and Teri Hatcher was still a hot Teri Hatcher (I couldn't resist using the famous 'cape' picture, even with the somewhat poor quality). All was good!

Tonight, Dean Cain will guest star on "Smallville", playing the character of Dr. Curtis Knox. Knox is a neurosurgeon who is somewhat evil, but may have some redeeming qualities as the season develops. Although this is not necessarily a permanent role, TVGuide reports that "...he is definitely someone who could come back and cause problems in the future."

This type of casting is good for the show. I stopped watching "Smallville" back in season three, when I just couldn't stomach another kryptonite-based villain. I found the plots too simple and repetitive. It just wasn't fitting in with my concept of what I thought a "Superman" show should be.

However, since I am a huge fan, I always try to keep up on the events in the world of "Superman". And, this is an event! Cain was a great "Superman" and one thing "Smallville" has always done is show respect for the previous incarnations of the character. So, just as I came back to watch the "Justice League" episode a while back, I will set this one up on the TiVo to check it out.

Maybe "Smallville" will gain a viewer tonight. Maybe not. But, at least they are making an effort via casting to keep and generate a wider audience.