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"Golden Compass" Changes Ending

I have been tracking "The Golden Compass" as one of the films on my 'must see' list for this winter. It is based on the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, written by Philip Pullman. I have never read the series, but it sounds right up my alley and the advertising so far has done nothing to change my opinion. I am in!

However, I recently read this article over at Sci Fi Wire, which states that the ending of the movie has recently been reworked. Evidently, director Chris Weitz noted on his official production blog that he has reworked the ending of the movie. I, of course, immediately took this to forbode huge problems with the movie and that all of my expectations would be for naught.

Ah...seems like I jumped the gun. I really should read the whole article before coming to a conclusion.

Weitz reportedly changed the ending to better lead into the proposed second and third films of the trilogy. He is quoted as saying:

"I have decided, along with Scholastic and New Line and, most importantly, Philip Pullman, to shift the concluding three chapters of Book I of His Dark Materials to the beginning of the second film of our trilogy, The Subtle Knife. To me, this provides the most promising conclusion to the first film and the best possible beginning to the second."

I am very excited by this news. And, I really respect the foresight to thoughtfully adapt a fantasy novel in a logical manner. My expectations have been restored to my pre-jumped-conclusion level!

The movie, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, opens nationwide on December 7th, 2007.