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Premiere Week Rankings

Premiere week is in the books for the entire Sci-Fi based TV slate. We had six new shows to enjoy: "Journeyman", "Bionic Woman", "Reaper", "Chuck", "Moonlight" and "Pushing Daisies". Since we recently decided to do a 'One Month Review' of all of these shows after they get a few episodes under their respective belts, I thought it would be good to officially record my initial rankings of these shows. Then, we have a basis for comparison in a month's time.

The only two other shows that I have seen so far are "Heroes" and "Supernatural", so I added those to the rankings also. I am only going to rank on the premieres and on future potential, so the excellent work that those two performed last year doesn't count - it's strictly 'what have you done for me lately' here! (and...that is tough for me, since I have an extreme bias toward "Supernatural")

Here are my rankings - feel free to add your own in the comments!

  1. Supernatural - OK...I am horribly biased. But, although the season three premiere started a bit slow, it did everything I wanted. It clarified the plot for the season (put the demons back in Hell and save Dean) and successfully introduced new characters without a major disruption to the formula. I am looking forward to next week, which is the exact thing a premiere episode should do.

  2. Reaper - It made me laugh. In fact, I laughed several times! Ray Wise is fantastic as the Devil and I found "Sock" more funny than annoying. I think there is some potential for growth here also (Sam could get promoted, he still had to find a way out of working for the Devil, he has to get the girl, etc). I am looking forward to the rest of the season!

  3. Heroes - I enjoyed this pilot also and I really had a hard time splitting these first four on my list. "Heroes" ended up in third for a lack of focus. I still want to know about several of the story lines (Hiro in time, HRG & Mohinder & Parkman), but Peter and the fake Irish mafia wasn't working for me yet. Even so, I know what I am getting each week with "Heroes" and that makes it A-OK with me.

  4. Pushing Daisies - A simply delightful pilot episode. I feel a little weird using the word 'delightful', but it's old-fashioned, quirky, sweet...heck...delightful! It would rank higher if I didn't include potential on the list. I have some faith in the writing team here (Brian Fuller), but he has a tough task of taking this concept and stretching it to last the whole season (which will be a common refrain for the remaining shows in the list).

  5. Chuck - I consider this show light fun. It's pretty good, but not an 'oh wow, I gotta see this' show. Adam Baldwin's character worked better for me in the second episode, so I have hopes that this will join the top four in the list in terms of quality.

  6. Journeyman - I liked the pilot. It was a bit confusing, but it pulled itself together in the last half hour. Unfortunately, I had several opportunities to watch the second episode...and still have not sat down to actually do it. I actually watched "Kid Nation" instead of this! I think my reaction is because I really didn't connect with any of the characters in the pilot. I think it still has potential, but it has some work to do also.

  7. Bionic Woman - I actually watched the second episode of this (passed on "Journeyman" again), but I am concerned. Michelle Ryan does not seem to be connecting with a lot of people as the Bionic Woman and I still find her sister annoying. There is a general lack of chemistry between any of the actors on the show. Hopefully, it will pick up the quality quickly, or those initial high ratings will rapidly evaporate.

  8. Moonlight - The whipping boy of the new season (at least, until "Viva Laughlin" debuts later this month). After letting this simmer for a week, I find that I am not as negative as I was in my initial reaction. Sure, I still think the dialogue needs extreme improvement. However, there are some story lines with good potential (Coraline and the history of Josef). I think there is a chance that this show matures...eventually.

Michelle Ryan is a good Bionic Woman and is very appealing lead but the problem is the writing which does suck. If you get good writers who know how to keep you glued to the characters, the show would get better.

-- Posted by: Hans at October 9, 2007 12:41 AM

The 2nd episode of BW concerned me, but I too am hoping it will pick up as the show has huge potential.

-- Posted by: Roco at October 9, 2007 7:22 AM

I agree with you guys - the show has potential. If the writers can come up with a coherent long term plot, I think it will be a success. I just don't see it yet, which makes me a bit concerned for it.

-- Posted by: Fred at October 9, 2007 4:13 PM

My premier-watching wasn't as extensive as yours, but I'll weigh in!
1. Supernatural - Totally with you, in that this premier established the season, got down to business after the emotional S2 finale, and introduced Ruby with minimal but intriguing fanfare.
2. Heroes - I watched mainly to check out Adrian Pasdar, but tuned out the rest, so my opinion is mute: except that AP's a babe!
3. Pushing Daisies - Loved the premier and second episodes, though not the breaking into song. Pu-lease!
4. Chuck - Found the premise preposturous and the lead whimpy. I found the premier amusing, but not well enough to tune in again.
5. Journeyman - I liked this premier, especially the end scene, but its not appointment viewing.
6. Bionic Woman - The series is well-paced and the fight scenes terrific, but Michelle Ryan needs a personality, stat. How about starting over with Katee Sackhoff in the lead?
7. Moonlight - The premier was obviously flawed, but I like the characters and the premise, and think there's definite potential for the series, especially if critics quit with the obsessive nit-picking.
8. Bones - Loved the premier, love the characters, can't wait for more!

-- Posted by: KayDee at October 11, 2007 2:19 PM