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So...Dumbledore Was Gay

In a recent visit to Carnegie Hall, "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling was asked a fairly innocuous question: was Dumbledore ever in love? The answer was anything but innocuous, though. Rowling replied that Dumbledore was gay.

Outside of the obvious, my first reaction was "So what?" I love the books, love the character of Albus Dumbledore and no revelation can change my feelings about the books.

But, then I had a horrible thought. What if an activist tries to make Dumbledore into the next "Ellen"? (a pretty horrible thought, to be sure!) Activists might try to make him into a rallying point for causes. And, it looks like I might have been right on that account, according to this article.

I understand the need for a focal point to generate support for underrepresented groups. The positive portrayal of gay characters in books and film help change public attitudes and improve society as a whole.

However, my issue is with politicizing a character in a children's book. Every gay (or black, or poor, or latino, or whatever) portrayal does not need to become a major world event. I'd just like Dumbledore to be remembered as a fantastic character in a wonderful set of stories. His worthiness of being a role model has already been judged by his actions - we do not need activists adopting him to advance their own agendas.