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"Mass Effect" Releases Today

If you are a gamer (specifically, an XBOX gamer), there is an excellent game that is releasing today. "Mass Effect" is a Sci-Fi role playing game created by Bioware for Microsoft.

Now...that should be enough, if you are familar with Bioware. They have created some of the most compelling games ever - games like "Baldur's Gate", "Neverwinter Nights", "Jade Empire" and the Star Wars-based "Knights of the Old Republic" (KOTOR, for short). For the record, the "Baldur's Gate" series still is my all-time favorite set of games. "Boo! Go for the eyes!" (if you played it, you get what I just said)

From the reviews, it looks like "Mass Effect" will live up to its pedigree. Here are some of the quotes:

  • "...Bioware tries to re-create and expand upon KOTOR's winning formula. It succeeds brilliantly."

  • "...looks and feels like a game designed for a next-generation platform"

  • "Fans of hard SF will appreciate the game's science-based approach to technology."

  • "...characters have a body language that players will react to on a visceral level; characters sigh, smile and gesture just as their human counterparts would

The SCI FI Channel has produced a one-hour long preview of the game that will air tonight at 11 PM EST.