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Review of Halloween (from a Sci-Fi movie persepective)

Yesterday was Halloween. I, luckily, drew the "Stay at a buddy's house, hand out candy and drink beer" duty - so life was good!

Part of the fun is seeing the kid's costumes, so I decided to see if I could discern any patterns. Sure, I knew there would be a large selection of ghosts, ghouls, vampires and other assorted dead things. Those are the classic costumes and probably made up about 50% of the overall traffic that I saw.

Then, there were the Princess and Knight costumes. The Princess was the most prevalent costume among the littlest girls (and, man, they are cute!). The boys had Knights and Ninjas and anything else with a sword or an axe. Strangely enough, though, I did not see a single Jedi Knight or Stormtrooper, which was disappointing.

But, I did see one trend that I liked. Superheroes are huge! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, various Power Rangers, Wolverine and Spiderman all were seen multiple times. In fact, there was very interesting discussion between two fourteen year-old girls about who would win in a fight, Wolverine or Spiderman. I thought, "These are my people!". ('s Spiderman, for many reasons)

But, the most prevalent superhero costume was that of Supergirl. That's right - Supergirl.

I was very surprised. Other than her recent introduction on "Smallville", Supergirl isn't exactly a common hero. I don't know if she even has her own regular book right now (OK - I checked, and she does...but the point remains). I really never followed her story when I was young, and I know DC eventually wrote in five or so separate Supergirls within the universe.

Even so, here's a freebie for the movie studios - pick one of the Supergirl stories, and make the movie!!

Obviously, the superhero meme is resonating with young girls right now. Wonder Woman is slowly creeping along, with the casting Teresa Palmer in the lead role. But, I only saw one or two Wonder Woman costumes compared to about ten Supergirls. Do the math - there is an opportunity for a new Supergirl movie.

Now, if they can get Joss Whedon to script this one, all would be good.