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The Creation Museum

John Scalzi is an interesting fellow. He is a published Sci-Fi author, freelance writer and a blogger. It's the blogging thing that has me interested today. You see, the readers of John's blog donated money to force him to visit the Creation Museum (which he really, really did not want to do). But, after the over $5000 in donations, he caved in and went.

His report detailing his visit is priceless. I normally don't quote things that are this long, but you have to read this whole passage.

Here’s how to understand the Creation Museum:

"Imagine, if you will, a load of horseshit. And we’re not talking just your average load of horseshit; no, we’re talking colossal load of horsehit. An epic load of horseshit. The kind of load of horseshit that has accreted over decades and has developed its own sort of ecosystem, from the flyblown chunks at the perimeter, down into the heated and decomposing center, generating explosive levels of methane as bacteria feast merrily on vintage, liquified crap. This is a Herculean load of horseshit, friends, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Augeas."

"And you look at it and you say, “Wow, what a load of horseshit.”"

"But then there’s this guy. And this guy loves this load of horseshit. Why? Well, really, who knows? What possesses someone to love a load of horseshit? It’s beyond your understanding and possibly you don’t actually want to know, even if you could know; maybe it’s one of those “on that path lies madness” things. But love it he does, and he’s not the only one; the admiration for this particular load of horseshit exists, unaccountably, far and wide. There are advocates for this load of horseshit."

"And so this guy who loves this load of horseshit decides that he’s going to do something; he’s going to give it a home. And not just any home, because as this is no ordinary load of horseshit, so must its home be no ordinary repository for horseshit. And so the fellow builds a temple for his load of horseshit. The finest architects scope this temple’s dimensions; the most excellent builders hoist columns around the load of horseshit and cap them with a cunning and elegant dome; and every surface of the temple is clad in fine-grained Italian marble by the most competent masons in a three-state radius. The load of horseshit is surrounded by comfortable seats, the better for people to gaze upon it; docents are hired to expertly describe its history and features; multimedia events are designed to explain its superior nature, relative not only to other loads of horseshit which may compete in loadosity or horseshittery, but to other, completely unrelated things which may or may not be loads of anything, much less loads of horseshit."

"The guy who built the temple, satisfied that it truly represents his beloved load of horseshit in the best possible light, then opens the temple to the public, to attract not only the already-established horseshit enthusiasts, but possibly to entice new people to come and gaze on the horseshit, and to, well, who knows, admire its moundyness, or the way it piles just so, to nod in appreciation of the rationalizations for its excellence or to clap in delight and take pictures when an escaping swell of methane causes the load of horseshit to sigh a moist and pungent sigh."

"When all of this is done, the fellow turns to you and asks you what you think of it all now, now that this gorgeous edifice has been raised in glory and the masses cluster in celebration."

"And you say, “Well, that’s all very nice. But it’s still just an enormous load of horseshit.”"

"And this is, in sum, the Creation Museum."

No matter if you are a literal Bible interpreter or a devotee of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that is pretty funny stuff. You can read his whole post and see the photos of his visit at his blog site.

Yup, Scalzi is a great read. I've watched him hem and haw and find ways NOT to go to this Creation Museum. It's great to know he finally made it to the Creationist Mecca! (oops, was that the wrong term to use? wrong religion...)

-- Posted by: Ittot at November 13, 2007 6:50 PM

What he can't seem to grasp is, the load of horseshit was put there for a reason.

-- Posted by: Mike Shields at November 14, 2007 11:53 AM

This was a great read; and the pictorial was priceless. the captions and reader comments had me in tears. thanks for sharing this.

-- Posted by: mediaboy at November 14, 2007 5:11 PM

This is driving me to pick up a Scalzi story. If his published work is anything like this, I am in!

-- Posted by: Fred at November 15, 2007 5:01 PM

Once again, no reasoning, no specifics. Just attacks on an idea. That's a load of horseshit.

-- Posted by: David Morgan at November 20, 2007 10:03 AM