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Changes to "Pushing Daisies"

A report from SCI FI Wire states that "Pushing Daisies" will have a different feel when it returns this fall. Bryan Fuller, who is the show's creator, said that it will be "harder and a little more aggressive."

That's a very interesting turn for a show that I believe I called "delightful" after the premiere. "Delightful" ? Not a term that I typically use - but the show was quaint and interesting. And, that doesn't really equate to hard and aggressive.

To be honest, the novelty of the show had worn off for me. It might have been "delightful" to start, but it devolved into "corny". I still like the "2 years, 16 days and 12 hours" narration, but the storyline of the PieMaker and his untouchable girlfriend wasn't as enjoyable as the series went on. And, although Kristen Chenoweth ("Olive Snook") can really sing, I didn't like the "Hopelessly Devoted To You" rendition at all.

Thus, Fuller's statements are welcome. Hopefully, the changes will re-invigorate the show and move it out of the "corny" realm. At the very least, the news has me thinking about the show again.