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Should I Keep Watching "Pushing Daisies"?

It's only a few weeks into the new TV season and my TiVo is already complaining that I am running out of space. Kid's sports and my sports and my wife's tennis and PTA and just general living really has put a damper on my TV Time!

So, I have to make some tough choices to make. I will have to delete some shows from my Season Pass list, which almost never happens for a non-cancelled show. Obviously, I have a few that are on the no-touch list, like "Supernatural", "Chuck" and "True Blood". But, there are several others that I really have to consider removing.

After some discussion, the one show that came up the most was "Pushing Daisies".

"Pushing Daisies" started off very, very good. I loved the color and the unique viewpoint (and the narrator, with the specific mention of time, i.e. 2 days, 23 minutes and 42 seconds ago). But, as the series progressed, I lost interest in the Piemaker and his power to raise the dead. The storylines, although still somewhat original and campy, didn't keep my attention as the season continued. The thrill is gone, so to speak.

I think I may be alone in this viewpoint. TV Guide's "Ask Matt" column had a comment that referenced the show as "the utterly brilliant Pushing Daisies" and Matt Roush himself noted that he's "...just thrilled Pushing Daisies is returning this Wednesday. It's been an awfully long wait".

And I am thinking of dropping the show entirely.

So, have I lost my mind? Or, am I a part of a silent majority, who thinks that the show's concept was great for a few episodes, but now just lacks any real power to draw viewership?

I have to make a decision soon, as Pushing Daisies starts its second season Wednesday night at 8:00 PM EST on ABC. Will you be watching?

Can you maybe just watch it live instead of TiVoing it? At least give it a couple of shows the season before deciding to delete it from your list.

-- Posted by: Lor at September 30, 2008 10:04 AM

Heh...what is this 'watch TV live' option that you speak of?

I am one of those guys that record everything, even if I am sitting at the TV when the show starts. I let the show get 15-20 minutes ahead and then fast forward through the commercials. I can do two shows in an hour and a half that way, rather than spend the whole 2 hours.

But, you are probably right. I could just change the recording to save the show until the recorder needs space, then let it delete it if I haven't watched it.

-- Posted by: Fred at September 30, 2008 11:06 AM

Live TV hasn't been an option for me in a long time. Seems pointless. Even if I'm watching it semi-live, I can skip commercials by starting late, and I reduce any risk of missing it if interrupted.

As for Pushing Daisies, I do consider you crazy. This has been one of my most-anticipated returns to television. After losing Dead Like Me, this has been the closest show I've found (considering the heritage, that's no coincidence), and I love every moment of it. Please, for your own sake, give it some more time.

-- Posted by: TurboFool at September 30, 2008 1:48 PM

I've already had to drop Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, and Stargate: Atlantis from my viewing schedule, but Pushing Daisies is staying on it because it's one of those rare fantasy shows with a sense of wonder, optimism, and fun. I'd compare it more to Psych than to other genre television such as Fringe or Heroes.

-- Posted by: GeneD at September 30, 2008 4:10 PM

I also lost interest in Pushing Daisies, mainly because if the Piemaker can never touch his true love without killing her, then the mystery is gone. I'll probably catch an episode live if I'm home, but its not on my "record" list.

-- Posted by: KayDee at October 1, 2008 2:33 PM

So - just an update. I ended up recording the 1st episode of "Pushing Daisies". Now, let's see if my wife and I get motivated enough to watch it - that will be the true test!

-- Posted by: Fred at October 2, 2008 1:04 PM