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"Fringe" Gets Extension

J.J Abrams' new show, "Fringe", has been been picked up for a full first season!

According to the source article, Fox has ordered nine additional episodes of "Fringe", which upgrades it to a full 22 episode season. Remember, most new shows recieve an initial 13 episode order (just like "Fringe" did) and if they do well, they get the extension.

"Fringe" has been doing very well, drawing 10.7 million viewers, which makes it the top-rated new series of the season.

I like "Fringe" - especially "Walter Bishop", as played by John Noble. He is, by far, the best part of the show. I am not as high on "Olivia" (Anna Torv), though. I think she is being portrayed as a 'one-note' character - there is not a lot of variation to her. When people are describing your lead character as 'wooden', it should be a cause for concern.

In addition, I think the show is a bit sloppy in tying up loose ends. For instance, they decided to burn the airplane in Episode 1 - which contained an *airborne toxin*. I think that might have spread the toxin around, don't you think? Or, how about the fact that "Nina" (the redheaded Massive Dynamics executive) removed a glove to show us her an robot arm in Episode 1, yet in Episodes 2 & 3, she had a normal-looking arm with no glove. Unless I missed the "we have awesome artificial skin, but I decided not to use it the first time I met you" line, that's sloppy.

But, overall, these are minor nitpicks. I am entertained with "Fringe" - and I want to find out more about the Pattern!