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"Sarah Connor" & "Knight Rider" Get Full Season Orders

A couple of Sci-Fi shows were extended for a full season (according to Michael Ausiello, currently working at EW). However, I am not sure that I am exactly happy it.

First up, FOX has ordered an additional nine episodes of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". I am excited about this renewal, as there were rumblings that the show might be cancelled due to low ratings. However, according to the article, FOX noted that "...the show remains a favorite among advertisers". That's a great sign!

I do like "Sarah Connor". But, more to the point, it's one of my wife's favorite shows. That's where the value lies - it has crossover appeal to non-hardcore Sci-Fi fans. So, although it's certainly not my favorite show, I am very pleased to see it renewed.

On the flip side, NBC has extended nine more episodes to "Knight Rider".

I'll have to be honest here - I haven't been watching this show. I watched the premiere and decided that it just wasn't good enough to stay on the TiVo list. Even my fanaticism toward Val Kilmer (who supplies the voice of KITT and also was the source of this post's tagline) was not enough to save the show for me personally. In addition, I don't know anyone else who is actually watching the show. Ausiello is with me, speculating that "Knight Rider" must be popular "...among young men who like bad TV".

However, my hope is that the renewal of a show like "Knight Rider" is a good overall sign for the Sci-Fi genre in general. I just hope that a show like this does not take up a renewal slot for a much superior show, like "Chuck". We will see.