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"Jericho" Back! (Sort of)

EW's Michael Ausillo recently reported that "Jericho" has been added to the new Sunday lineup on the CW. Beginning November 30th, reruns of the oft-cancelled show (sounds weird, doesn't it?) will run at 7:00 PM EST on Sundays.

Although there is no chance of any new episodes, I like the idea. "Jericho" obviously had a following and exposing the genre to an ostensibly younger audience (The CW) is a good thing.

This did get me thinking, though. There are a ton of other shows like "Jericho" - shows that were good quality, but cancelled well before they found their audience. It seems to me that many of these shows would be well received if exposed to a new audience. Of course, if I am going to propose a few shows, I have to set some rules. Shows that were on for several seasons can't be considered, since this type of re-airing is designed to bridge from season to season - not to be a permanent replacement. Thus, shows like "Buffy" (144 episodes), "Babylon 5" (110 episodes), "Dark Angel" (43 episodes) and "The 4400" (45 episodes) are eliminated. They just have too many episodes to be a fill-in.

So, without any further complications, here is my list of cancelled Sci-Fi shows that the networks should consider re-airing:

(1) Firefly (15 episodes)

I can't believe that Firefly has been off the air for six years. For those of you that are not familar with the Browncoats and Captain Mal...just go to the link, read up on the show and then go out an get the DVD. This is still one of the best Sci-Fi shows ever aired - and, of course, FOX screwed it up. I would set the TiVo for this - again!

(2) Roar (13 episodes)

"Roar" featured a very young Heath Ledger as a prince who has to reunite his tribes to oppose the Romans and a very mystical figure in Loginus. It's a pretty decent show in the vein of "Xena" or "Hercules", but with Mr. Ledger's death, I am surprised someone hasn't already rerun the series.

(3) Jake 2.0 (16 episodes)

"Jake 2.0" was "Chuck" before "Chuck" was conceived. Jake, rather than having all the secrets of the government embedded in his head, instead was infected by nanobots, which provided him super abilities. The star, Christopher Gorham, was recently seen on "Ugly Betty", so I could see some interest in reviewing this series.

(4) Odyssey 5 (20 episodes)

When I still had Showtime, I was enamored with a show about five astronauts, who when they return from a space mission, find things 'different'. As far as I know, the last six episodes were never aired on Showtime, so even old fans will have something to see.

(5) Miracles (13 episodes)

Even though I berate FOX for show mismanagment, ABC's treatment of "Miracles" was the worst that I have ever witnessed. They aired two shows, then took an extended break before airing three more episodes. Then it was summarily cancelled, with the final seven episodes never seeing the airwaves. Poor Skeet Ulrich - first this, then "Jericho"!

Finally, even thought it has not been officially cancelled, ABC Family's The Middleman deserves another chance. This was my favorite show of the summer, with witty inside jokes and very likable characters. I really think this was one of those shows where you got it (and loved it) or didn't (and thought it was stupid). Either way, with a little more following and airtime, Dub Dub and crew might actually be saved!

I think I was one of the few who stumbled on the never-promoted "Miracles," and I fell instantly in love with the series. So mysterious, so creepy, so well acted. Too bad ABC never bothered to actually advertise and air the show respectfully. Makes me wonder why they bothered to order and produce it in the first place! You'd think a network wouldn't be so wasteful as to spend the hundreds of thousand to produce a show, then throw it under the bus. But the entire 13 (I believe) episodes are available on DVD, and I HIGHLY recommend people seek it out. Its totally worth the effort to watch this gem.

-- Posted by: KaeDee at November 27, 2008 3:55 PM

Absolutely! I didn't realize the rest of the episodes were on film until I researched the article - so, the DVD is now officially on my Santa list!

-- Posted by: Fred at December 1, 2008 3:58 PM

1. Firefly - Concur definitely.

2. Boomtown - Great storytelling technique - multiple POV.

3. Enterprise - Star Trek at its best.

4. Journeyman - Just got the journey started and the network got cold feet.

5. Womens Murder Club - For my 85 year old grannie... she liked it better than Murder She Wrote... I guess that's good - not a word about it being better than Matlock tho.

-- Posted by: DocH at December 2, 2008 4:24 AM