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The 2008 Election

Election day is almost upon us. There has been a huge push for advance voting this year, so you may have already cast a ballot. But, if you are waiting (like I am), it might be because you are undecided.

I, personally, really can't get behind either candidate. I think Obama has mastered the Clintonian art of lying without actually lying. For instance, he has stated he won't raise taxes, but he will let the current tax cuts expire. Eh...that effectively raises the amount of tax that will be paid by those affected, doesn't it? McCain hasn't won me over either - I didn't vote for him in the primary, and he really hasn't wowed me in the campaign.

I found a site that helps undecided voters to make an informed choice based on the issues. has a short quiz that determines where you stand on the issues and then uses that information to compare how closely the candidates agree with you on those issues. My quiz pointed me narrowly to McCain, but with only a high-sixties percentile of agreement. Obama came in higher than I thought he would, with a low-sixties rating on the agreement meter. If either of these guys espoused the Fair Tax, I might have something to work with here. As it is, I am going to have to vote for who I think will cause the least amount of long term damage.

Of course, if you don't want to deal with all of these problems, you could just check out these 10 Sci-Fi Alternatives to our current choices. Heck, I have always been a big supporter of Laura Roslin!

In the race to the moment of truth people are still deciding who to
vote for as the next most influential person in the world.
In order to make the decision easier, a dutch company called
Kieskompas has developed the Electoral Compass. This voting advice
application is one of a kind. All the important issues are embedded in
the application that makes it easy to see where you fit in the
political compass. To what extent are you progressive (social liberal)
or traditional (social conservative) or left or right in economical
terms. And which candidate do you relate to the most.

If you haven't decided who to vote for than take the test.

-- Posted by: hana at November 4, 2008 9:58 AM