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Super Bowl Ad Impressions

After the dampening of expectations around the Super Bowl ads (nobody has any money, advertisers are backing out, and so on), I was not expecting much from the commercials this year. So, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, especially from a Sci-Fi perspective.

As usual, I rank things differently than the general public. For example, using the USA Today AdMeter as the standard, one of my favorite commercials (the Doritos guy with the super powers) ranked fifth. Conversely, I was pretty bored by the clydesdale romance with the circus horse, and that ranked second overall. Go figure.

I really was wowed by the number of movie previews that were on display. Some, like "Angels and Demons", "Land of the Lost" and "Year One" were just OK for me - I didn't leap out of my chair and say 'I gotta see this!'. Of course, they ranked higher on the AdMeter than I thought they should have.

I did like several previews. I thought "Race to Witch Mountain" looked very good. I'll be taking the kids to see that one, for sure. The same can be said for the Pixar/Disney offering, "Up". Both clips made sure that the kids and I will be at the theaters for those premieres.

"Star Trek" maintained it's place on my 'most anticipated' list. Even with my high expectations for the movie, I still really liked the preview. Zachary Quinto (Sylar on "Heroes") looked fantastic as Spock.

But, the commercial that really captured my attention was one you probably would not have guessed. I remember watching the ad and saying "Whoa - that's pretty cool. WHOA!" followed by "Is that.....G.I. Joe???"

Yup - the most memorable commercial for me was "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra" - and I hadn't even given that film much consideration prior to yesterday. It's now on my must-see list.

That is the very definition of an effective Super Bowl Ad - unknown before, must-see now. Good job!