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"Chuck" Is Back

The third season of "Chuck" debuted last weekend, in the dreaded Sunday-Monday format, featuring Chuck learning to use the 'Intersect 2.0'. So, now that I finally finished catching up on the first three hours, I've got to say that it had everything that I have come to expect. To wit:

  • Chuck flashing on various things
  • Chuck in his 'short sleeves and tie'
  • Morgan!
  • The Nerd Herd guys
  • Sarah in her underwear (it's almost obligatory at this point)
  • Crazy spy stuff, including a cool scene with a laser alarm system
  • Casey with a big gun

Check x 7!

However, the premiere also included some unexpected elements (spoilers incoming, if you haven't watched it yet). I didn't see Emmitt's fate coming, although I was pleased. Is it wrong to cheer when someone is shot in the head? Adios, BuyMoria - it was time for Emmitt to go. And, it gave an easy path to get Big Mike back...and I gotta have Big Mike.

Unlike Emmitt, I did expect some variation of the 'Awesome as a spy' storyline, but it was still enjoyable. I was happy to get some background on his relationship with Ellie. For a brief second, I really thought he was dead - and it actually made me sad! Thank goodness for previews (which showed Awesome very much alive) to ease my mind.

The early ratings for "Chuck" were pretty good, besting it's schedule-mate "Heroes". According to Airlock Alpha, "Chuck" earned a 4.3 rating/7 share in the Nielson Fast National ratings. They also noted that this was nearly 8 percent better than its season average last year.

The new "Chuck" is not without flaws. I keep thinking that writer's have to be careful not to let Chuck have the ability to do *everything* - for example, how would expert guitar playing be a part of the Intersect? It's similar to the scenario in "Dollhouse". Echo can do anything needed, whenever she needs to. I am waiting for the episode when Chuck (or Echo, for that matter), goes..."I've got nothin'".

Still, the news of improving ratings has me very happy. I enjoy "Chuck" - it's one of the few shows I still look forward to viewing every week. If you missed the premiere, it is available online at NBC's website.