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"Heroes" Finale Tonight

The season four finale of "Heroes" airs tonight on NBC.

Entitled "Brave New World", the episode is intended to leave the viewers with a 'satisfying conclusion', presumably in case the series is not renewed for a fitfh season. The big news? Sylar goes hero!

I have not been shy with my disillusionment with "Heroes". I never thought they had a good plan structured for the show. I always thought they were just making stuff up on the fly - continuity be damned!

And now, when the end is near, I found another confirmation of my opinion in the SCI FI WIRE article, via a statement from Heroes executive producer Adam Amus. He said,

"We don't have to be saved from an island. We don't have to understand what the future fast-forward means. We don't have a central question to answer. What we have are people who have to live their lives and accept their lives and have to move on with their lives."

The italics above are mine. I think that was my entire problem with the show - they never had a central question, or a guiding principle, or set of rules they were bound to. They just randomly added characters, who had some power they needed for a particular plot point. Seeing that they control unbelievable powers in the series, it would have been good to see a standard enforced about the rules concerning those powers. It's ludicrous to compare "Heroes" to "Lost" (as Amus does in his statement) - "Lost", even when totally confusing, always has the central concept of the island to refocus the series. "Heroes", lacking that, wonders aimlessly.

I'll be watching the finale. But, to be honest, this show has been over for me for a long while.