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"Supernatural" News

There has been a ton of "Supernatural" news over the past week. First, the best news of the week:

Supernatural has been renewed by The CW for a sixth season!

This was great news! "Supernatural" has been consistently my favorite show over the past few seasons, even though I really am not sure where they can go with the plot (Lucifer and Michael pretty much are at the top of the cosmic power scale). But, I have always trusted that Kripke and his team could come up with a new story...which brings me to the second piece of "Supernatural" news.

Show creator Eric Kripke is stepping down as show runner after this season.

Yikes! Thankfully, reports say that Kripke and his current co-showrunner, Robert Singer, will remain actively involved in the show, serving as "hands-on executive producers". I interpret "hands-on" as still having a strong input into the direction and content of the series.

Current producer and writer Sera Gamble, who has been with the show since the first season, will be the new show runner. A quick search on Ms. Gamble only shows a "Project Greenlight" credit in addition to her "Supernatural" work, so she has some big shoes to fill. She does seem to have the right attitude, though. In a recent interview, she said the following about creating a sixth season:

"None of us are the slacker type who would just get up that morning and do a season...We have been preparing for the possibility of season 6 pretty much this whole season, so we have a lot of ideas."

That's what I want to hear! I knew that Kripke had started to generate ideas for a new storyline. Gamble has verified that she was involved and was a part of that process. She's a strong writer (by her bio), so I am actually optimistic that "Supernatural" can continue its extremely high quality level throughout Season Six (and beyond).

There is one more positive that can be drawn from Kripke's departure. He's got to be working on something else, doesn't he?