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Catch Up On "V"

It's been a while. ABC (and Scott Peters) gave us 4 episodes of "V", then it went on a planned hiatus. "V" was well received in the short run, garnering the title of "...the highest-rated new drama series on television". Unfortunately, although I remember enjoying the initial episodes, I've largely forgotten the details of the show.

If you are the same boat as me, I have the solution.

ABC is airing "V: The Arrival", an hour-long clip show designed to refresh everyone's memory about the show. The recap will air on Tuesday, March 23rd at 10:00 PM ET (ok...10:06 PM to be exact) on ABC - right after "Lost".

Unlike "FlashForward" (which executed wholesale changes to make the show more interesting), "V" was already pretty good prior to the hiatus. There are no characters that I despise seeing on the screen here. Everything was working for me, and I am anxious to find out more about the "Fifth Column".

The series returns Tuesday, March 30th at 10:00 PM ET for a nine episode run.