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"Fringe" Renewed

FOX has reportedly ordered a third season for the supernatural/scientific drama "Fringe".

I'll admit - I had doubts that this show would make it to season two, much less season three. It's on FOX, for goodness sake! Doesn't that mean instant cancellation?

There were rumors that "Fringe" was on the bubble regarding renewal for the third season. The ratings have struggled after moving to the Thursday timeslot, averaging 7.6 million viewers. Now, that is a significant advantage over "Dollhouse" numbers...but it's not on Fridays, either. Evidently, the numbers were strong enough that FOX decided to invest in at least one more season of the drama. I hope its a trend for FOX!

However, now that the show has been renewed, I have a decision to make. I dropped "Fringe" from my regular viewing schedule last season. I could catch up via DVD and be ready for Season 3. Would it be worth it?

"Fringe" returns on Thursday, April 1st at 9 PM on FOX.