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The New "Captain America"

I've always been a fan of "Captain America". I think of him as the Marvel Comics' version of "Batman" - strong, tactically skilled, and pretty much unbeatable.

I've been looking forward to the movie ("The First Avenger: Captain America") for some time now, for two main reasons. First, my aforementioned love for "Cap", and second, its the lynch pin to the 'ultimate movie of all time' - "The Avengers"!

The casting of "Captain America" has pretty much become a joke around the internet. The rumors have ranged from Ryan Phillippe to John Krasinski to Channing Tatum to (my favorite) Ryan McPartlin ('Awesome' on "Chuck"). Finally, a concrete link has surfaced (although even this news is not totally set yet, due to a scheduling conflict with another movie that he is doing with Anna Faris). The man who will play the lead in the most important superhero movie in the foreseeable future is:

Chris Evans

Yup - Chris Evans (of "The Fantastic Four" and "Push" fame) has been offered the role. My first instinct was to strongly rip this casting. Evans is too sarcastic for "Cap" - he's doesn't portray the image of a patriotic, upstanding American. "Cap" must be strong, smart...and a soldier. I don't totally buy Evans in that role.

However, after a bit of thought on the casting, I began to come around. Evans is not going to be 'Johnny Storm' any longer, since the "Fantastic Four" movies will undergo a reboot if another installment is made. He will certainly look the part, as he is already pretty fit. The only question is if he can pull off a portrayal of true Captain America, and the challlenge will be holding back the snark and sarcasm.

If he can do that, and it's a pretty big if, I think Captain America will be fine.