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No Renewal For "Legend of the Seeker"

Bad news everybody - Michael Ausiello is reporting that "Legend of the Seeker" has been canceled.

The show had been on the bubble for some time now, with the studio shopping it around for a new home. According to the report, there have been no buyers, and the series will end after only two seasons.

"Legend of the Seeker" , which was based on the Terry Goodkind's "The Sword of Truth" fantasy series, was pretty solid.

Unfortunately, I only watched a few random episodes after checking out the pilot, as I never 'officially' added it to my TiVo. Although I enjoyed the show, I didn't 'love' it enough to make a weekly commitment.

Now, I regret that decision.

From the comment postings, the consensus is that the show was finding its way. The fans are saying that it "...was getting better and better" and "...a third season would have been amazing".

So, I feel bad about not supporting the show. I feel like I missed something good! "Legend of the Seeker" was in my wheelhouse, and I gave up on it too soon.