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New "Asteroids" Record Set

Anyone remember "Asteroids"?

I do. I grew up in the era of arcades, and "Asteroids" was one of the premiere cornerstones of my arcade experience. Back in the eighties, one dollar could last a moderately-skilled arcade kid (like me) about two hours.

"Asteroids" consumed a good portion of my quarters (and hours). Although I thought I was pretty decent at the game, I paled in comparison to the prowess of Scott Safran, who, in 1982 at the age of 15, set the world "Asteroids" record of 41,336,440 points. It took over 3 days of continuous playing!

That record has stood for over 27 years. But, all records are made to be broken, and John McCallister of Portland, Oregon, thought he was ready. So, McAllister, streaming the attempt over, started an attempt to set a new "Asteroids" record.

He began on Saturday...and finished on Monday evening at 41,338,740 points - which is a new world record!

According to the Wired post, McAllister kept himself alert during the marathon gaming session in an intelligent way. He racked up extra lives, and then left the game to pace the room, eat a sandwich or just relax, and then returned to the game to continue toward the record. He almost blew it with a last-minute bathroom break, getting down to only two ships remaining before he returned to the game! But, he recovered and stayed alive for the record.

Congratulations to John McAllister, "Asteroids" champion!