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"Chuck" Renewal Looks Good

SciFiWire is reporting

that 'multiple sources' say that "Chuck" is going to be renewed for a fourth season.

That deserves a 'wahoo'!!!

Although the renewal is not official yet (NBC will release its new fall slate on May 17th), this is pretty solid news. NBC Entertainment president Angela Bromstad was quoted as saying "...It's our highest-performing Monday night show. We look at it as a very strong player, and it's a show that matches up with our new shows."

To me, that is almost a guarantee of a renewal. The network has already announced that it was picking up the new show from JJ Abrams , "Undercovers", which is about a team of married spies. The fit seems almost perfect with "Chuck", with Chuck and Sarah now living together. What else could prompt Bromstead to say ' matches up well with our new shows'?

I'll be looking forward to more episodes. Sure, "Chuck" is light fare, but I always get a chuckle or a smile sometime during the hour. And, really, sometimes that's all you need.