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"Dragon Age" Movie

Calling all sword and sorcery fans!

One of my favorite games of the past year has been "Dragon Age: Origins". The storyline effectively drew me into the dark world of the Grey Wardens, which is the organization your character joins within the game.

Now, it looks like that storyline will be getting a more detailed treatment. According to several sources, BioWare and FUNimation Entertainment will be collaborating on an anime movie adaptation of "Dragon Age".

It will be interesting to see the direction that the creative team takes with the plot. In "Dragon Age", there are several ways to begin the game. Each character is run through an 'origin story', which varies on the race and social standing that you select for your avatar when you begin the game. For example, I chose a city elf for one of my characters, and his beginnings were decidedly dark and vengeful, while the human noble origin was more epic, including an escape from a castle after your family is betrayed.

The origin that the directors choose will (or should) totally affect the tone of the movie. I am hoping that they go all-in for the at-least-PG13 version, since the game itself is rated M (i.e. suitable for 17 or older). There are some very dark themes in the game, and to explore them will make the animated movie unsuitable for kids.

The movie is planned to go direct-to-video in 2011.